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Sell ​​your products and services online

We make websites that people can understand, you should always assume that users who visit your website do not know anything about what you offer, so you have to carefully guide them to where you want them to go; To achieve this we must plan a solid and intuitive structure, each title, image, button and where it takes you. But don't worry! You just tell us where you want your customers to go and we'll take care of the rest.

We have specific solutions for your business

Web Design for Hotels

We will increase bookings through an online booking calendar

Our hotel clients receive multiple booking requests a week directly from your website.

We know what it takes to make an effective hotel website, the guest will be able to know the hotel before they have stepped foot in the reception. Have we already mentioned that most of our clients are and have been hotels?

For this reason we have developed UnoHotel, a solution that allows you to manage all the information about your hotel in a couple of clicks, from the types of rooms, their amenities, and photo galleries to seasonal rates, services and that distinctive feature that makes to each unique hotel.

Web Design for Restaurants

Sharing your menu, special dishes and more is possible now!

We created UnoRestaurant with the aim that restaurants can publicize their menus and customers can choose their dishes even before arriving at the restaurant, reservations or requests can be made from the web app, all this for the total comfort of the customer and the restaurant.

Share here your calendar of events, special dishes and your story; your customers will not be able to resist visiting it.

Corporate Web Design for all business

We introduce your company to the world, so they can see that it's the best!

We have worked with two dive centers, a professional recording studio, beach clubs, hotels, restaurants, flower shops, magazines, publishers, local businesses, service providers, multinational companies, and more. Everyone has been satisfied with our services, we put all our knowledge in every website we create.

We will adjust the design to your needs, not your needs to the design, the objective is to maintain the authenticity of each of our clients.

Web Design for photographers

The best place to display your art online!

We create a way for you to publicize your portfolio, print sales or workshops.

We can offer you a variety of services that could benefit you enormously; gallery samples, watermark implemented in your images, protection of rights such as the deactivation of the right click on the page.

So if you are looking for a way to expand your online presence to a more permanent home, this is a great way to do it.

Web Design for tours and agencies

Wherever you want to go, we’ll take you!

Become the portal to speed up your clients' travel plans, earn their trust with our web design.

Our approach has allowed us to develop the best possible features for your business plan, online payment, content forms, photo galleries showing all your possible destinations.

Our designs are intended so that our clients and their clientele are satisfied.

Web Design for E-Commerce

Let your design speak for you

We can offer you 2 alternatives for your website, either one with advanced features or one created on Shopify, the most popular platform for creating online websites.

With both, you can manage your products and offer discount coupons to your target audience.

We are committed to employing the appropriate and personalized actions for each customer to ensure a positive shopping experience. We believe that web design is a fundamental tool in the marketing strategy and therefore what will make you stand out from the rest.

Preguntas frecuentes acerca de Web Design

Web design is crucial to the success of an online business, a well-thought-out design from the beginning can make the difference between selling or having your website just for show. Pay attention to the concepts of UX and UI, characteristics are your CTA's and the hierarchy of elements… Or leave everything in the hands of experts, you can request a quote now!

A responsive website is a type of website design that automatically adjusts to the screen size and resolution of any device, be it a computer, tablet or mobile phone. This means that users can navigate the website and view the content in a clear and easily readable manner, regardless of the device they use. At Uno Web Design we design using the "Mobile First" methodology, that is, we will design your website in a mobile resolution, and then we will expand it towards larger resolutions, this allows us to focus on what is really important for the customer and thus achieve higher conversion rates.

The delivery time of a website depends on the magnitude of the project, a One-Page site can be ready in 10 days or less, while the development of a complex website, with online payment integrations and a lot of content, can extend up to 4–6 months, also due to multiple revisions being made during the process.

The price of making a website for your company varies greatly depending on the technology used, the number of pages and templates that have to be designed, the dynamic elements, and the content manager. With Uno Web Design we create websites starting at $4,000 pesos (MXN) for start-ups and small businesses, up to custom-priced projects for large companies that require a robust infrastructure.

We will put it very simply: the creation of your website is carried out in a payment that is only made once, the amount is defined when you request the quote and tell us about your project in order to offer you the best package.
After this, you should take into account the following:
- Hosting: a server where your website will be online and always available for the web, this starts from $1,000 pesos per year, but keep in mind that with us, you get the first year FREE!
- Domain: the name of your internet business, for example, "unowebdesign.com", this is around $400 pesos per year, but don't worry, the first year is on us too!
- Technical maintenance: to have a good presence, you must have a site that is always updated, we take care of that from $500 pesos per year, but… you guessed it! The first year is on us.
- Corporate emails: to have an email address with @nombretetusitioweb.com you must create a corporate account, 10 of these are included in the hosting at no additional cost.
- Future updates: eventually your business will grow and you will need to integrate new functions that your audience asks of you, such as online payments, surveys, forms, or other pages with additional information, keep in mind that these updates will have extra costs at the time; but don't worry, we always have good prices for our most loyal customers.

In all our web design projects we offer the hosting plan included and free during the first year of operations of your website, we provide a hosting service in the cloud of the latest technology that allows quick access to the website and without interruptions, in addition to always integrating the Cloudflare CDN to increase the loading speed.
In addition to this, we are always at the forefront and seek the best solutions to offer our clients.

The maintenance of a website is made up of several factors, first the content, which we explained in the previous question, the second point would be technical, in Uno Web Design we like to update the code of web pages periodically, we recommend doing it at least every 6 months to update to the latest Google guidelines so we don't fall off the radar.
If you wonder how much it costs to maintain a web page per month, the answer may vary, we always include a hosting and technical maintenance fee of at least $1,500 pesos per year, if you decide on one of our search engine positioning plans, then the story is another and you can find information on our SEO services page in Mexico and around the world.

All the websites we make work completely independently in terms of content, this means that we provide full access to the content, and you can make changes to the text, images, graphics, links, and other content elements at any time without the need for that we intervene If what you are looking for is that we take care of updating the information whenever necessary, we have maintenance plans from $500 pesos per month.