Graphic design

Visual communication

Graphic design is necessary for visual communication through the various digital devices that are used today. Due to the continuous development of technology the demand for it has increased and thanks to its complexity it can be carried out in multiple areas. Graphic design allows us to project and publicize your products, services, and brands. UNO will take care of planning and creating designs intended to express messages that represent you and your brand!

We have specific solutions for your business

Corporate stationery

Attract your desired audience with a great design

One of the best ways to project your brand identity is to have a custom design. Letterheads, cards, folders.

Displaying this design will make you recognizable among your competitors.

Remember that the image of your business is more than its logo. Colors, location of certain elements, textures, all this leads to your visual message being delivered and recognized.

And you have to admit it, who doesn't want a pen with their logo on it?

Content design for social media

Capture users' attention!

We can offer you video editing and multimedia design for your social networks. Today social networks are essential for any business, the creation of digital content has become essential for positioning.

Each social network has different characteristics, and you need to pay attention to each one of them. Our designs will be adapted to each social network and its qualities.

Logo design

Designing your logo is the first step to a great brand image

Your brand logo is essential for your audience to identify the message that your brand represents and the way in which your business is projected, it will become the symbol that your customers use to recognize you.

It's the best way to get noticed and make a good impression with potential clients. And yes, your logo is only one part of your business, but it will work as the basis for building your brand.